World Vision Challenge: Efficient and Reliable Counting of Improved Latrines


In this era of instant streaming and next-day deliveries, over half the human population of planet Earth still lack adequately managed sanitation facilities.

Ineffective waste treatment services are a significant public health issue in low and middle income countries around the world, with diarrhoea-related diseases leading to over a quarter of a million preventable deaths each year. World Vision is seeking to meet UN Sustainable Development Goal number 6 and achieve adequate and equitable sanitation services for all by 2030. In order to reach this target, the seeker is looking for low-cost, reliable, and efficient methods with which to quantify the number of improved sanitation facilities and track goal progress. 

There are no restrictions upon the scope of your proposal. This means that a range of potential solutions are encouraged which can range from earth observation systems to survey-based methodologies. Nevertheless, all solutions will need to demonstrate an identification success rate of over 90% and carry few to nil false-positive recordings.

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