New Applications for By-Products of Salt Crystallization

The raw mineral the Seeker uses to produce potash (KCl) also contains recoverable amounts of table salt (NaCl) that is separated along with other salts from the potash by means of a floatation process. The NaCl-rich stream is further processed and purified in a Salt Crystallization Plant (SCP) where the impurities are removed through precipitation. These by-products are high in magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2), calcium carbonate (CaCO3), and calcium sulfate (CaSO4) as well as various chlorides. Currently there is no application for the by-products and the material is added to the ‘salt mountain’ at the processing site. The Seeker is looking for new, innovative ideas for what can be done with these by-products to capture value from them and/or avoid adding them to the salt mountain. Ideally, solutions will not require further processing of the materials before use, but the Seeker is also interested in ideas for cost-effective ways to improve the quality of the by-products if it enables other application areas.

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18 October 2021