Mass Flow Meter Device for Hydroelectric Applications

Hydroelectric power is an increasingly popular form of renewable energy generation, with more than 150 countries around the globe producing some form of hydroelectricity. In simple terms, hydroelectric power is generated using flowing water to rotate a large turbine connected to an electric generator. The efficiency of power generation is thus highly determined by the flow rate of water reaching the rotating turbine, with sub-optimal flow rates resulting in energy wastages. 

In the pursuit of the goal of 100% renewable energy generation, Enel Green Power is seeking innovative technologies which are able to accurately measure water mass flow rate passing station turbines. Proposed solutions are required to be easily installed upon hydroelectric power station infrastructure (i.e. penstocks and open-close channels) and be able to reliably measure water mass to an excellent degree of accuracy. 

\ Maximising the efficiency of hydroelectric generation will directly contribute to the attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 9. Click the link below to get involved and learn more!

03 October 2021