Afri-Plastics Challenge - Strand 1

Plastic pollution is a hugely pervasive issue facing the marine environment, with estimates suggesting that there are 5.25 trillion plastic particles floating upon the surface of the ocean. When in the sea, plastics are broken-up into smaller and smaller pieces, causing immeasurable damage to marine life. Distressing impacts of marine plastic pollution include entanglement, ingestion, and suffocation of marine creatures. However, when large plastics are broken down into smaller particles, effects become more insidious, through blockades of species digestive systems, growth inhibition, and the absorption of toxins.

One of the best ways of combatting global marine plastics is to develop better mechanisms of preventing waste plastics from reaching the ocean. In Sub-Saharan Africa, plastic waste is an immense environmental issue, with only 12% of plastics estimated to be recycled and thus, significant quantities making their way into the marine environment. Blue Globe Innovation is proud to be partnering on the Afri-Plastics Challenge which seeks to develop and scale innovative solutions to plastic mismanagement in Sub-Saharan Africa whilst promoting gender equality and female empowerment. The challenge aims to help communities find ways of minimising plastic reliance whilst developing new methods of plastic management and/or uses for plastic waste. 

The challenge is broken down into three distinct strands which will be sequentially launched throughout the remainder of 2021. Strand 1 is open now for applications and seeks small to medium-sized enterprises whom have a plastic management or waste recycling concept which has the potential of being scaled to national or regional levels. Successful solutions must demonstrate an effective, sustainable, and replicable model for significantly increasing their collection and processing of plastic waste. In late-October 2021, 30 solutions will be awarded £10,000 each, with the 15 most promising solutions being progressed to the final judging stage and awarded £100,000 to help implement the scaling of their plans. The winning solution will then receive a prize of £1 million, with second place winning £750,000 and third place winning £500,000.

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£1 Million
15 September 2021