Key Steps to Creating an Innovation Mindset

Think outside the box. It's more than just a business cliche! Take the time to learn, and especially outside your current mindset--learn about a different industry, study another language, even read up about a religion other than yours to learn new ways of looking at the world around you. When faced with a task, try working backwards, or think about how you would explain the task to someone else. Have new ideas struck yet?

Embrace creativity. You don't have to be an artist to tap into your creativity. Document your everyday life through photography. Try saying "yes" to every opportunity presented to you. Set yourself deadlines for your creative, out-of-office work to help manage your time. Conformity is the enemy of creativity!

Think big! What crazy thing would you do if you had the resources and time? Can you make it happen through innovation? Experts recommend allocating a certain amount of time per week just to thinking--thinking about your goals, dreams, and how you can make them happen. Choose specific goals and break them down into smaller steps. It might take a while to launch the next great app - but this month, could you take a course to learn more about coding?

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