The School of Good Ideas: Lesson #1

Time for the #TheSchoolOfGoodIdeas!⁠

Our new series is here to give you advice for becoming a solver and putting your ideas to work--here are some tips for presenting your ideas in front of others!⁠

Whether you're giving a presentation for work or school, these tips will help you engage your audience and further your ideas.

Tip #1: Tell a story

Stories are designed to entertain us - and even when you're presenting facts and data, you should think about what sort of story this information tells. Inserting personal anecdotes or thinking about the narrative your ideas are telling can help to grab and maintain your audience's attention.

Tip #2: Ask questions

Questions will break up your regular presentation rhythm and allow you to hear real-time feedback from your audience. Asking questions as part of your presentation delivery will help reinforce your most important points.

Tip #3: Design your presentation for persuasion

You are selling your idea! Think like a salesperson - make sure your presentation, from its language to its design, is unfortgettable. Sites like Canva can help you create cohesive, well-designed materials even if you aren't a design pro.

Tip #4: Organise your presentation into three clear points

In stand-up comedy they call it "the rule of threes"--it's an easy way to format your jokes for maximum effectiveness and impact. And it works for presentations too! Break your idea into three main points, three action items, or three risks to consider to help ensure your audience knows exactly what steps need to be taken next.

Tip #5: Use visuals to grand abstract ideas

Huge blocks of text on your slides will put your audience to sleep. Try using graphic representations of your ideas through photos, graphs, tables, or pie charts where appropriate. Diagrams and even animations can help explain high-concept ideas and help get your point across.

So what do you think? Will you use these tips in your next presentation?